Nextstep Program

Wasenshi Kan is pleased to offer a brand new program - Nextstep! One of our nationally certified black belts, Ben Rowe, is offering Danzan Ryu Jujutsu classes specifically geared toward children and individuals with autism and other special needs. Ben has worked with children with special needs both in schools and in home settings as a registered behavioral technician. The classes will be tailored to the needs of each individual.

Here's a special message from Ben:

"Thank you for considering this exciting and unique opportunity for you or your child! It’s with great honor that I present to you somewhere you or your child can continue to develop into their full potential. Hence the name Nextstep, as this will be the continued journey to you or your child’s self development. It’s a privilege to provide this service and I’m looking forward to working on developing fundamental coordination skills as well as more complex intricate moves within the Danzan Ryu system. I encourage you to look into the system as a whole and what Danzan Ryu has to offer, although I will be focusing on adequate skills specific to the individual. My hope is to improve body functions, awareness and focus.
"As an experienced RBT I will also focus on behavioral aspects. I understand how behaviors interfere with learning process so I will have reinforcement schedules specific to you or your child to maintain motivation and establish instructional control and promote desirable behaviors."
Each individual or child will start in a 1:1 session with Ben. As their skills improve, they may be placed in a group class setting to promote social opportunities and work with other children. If applicable, the individual may be encouraged to attend our regular children's jujutsu class as well as their special independent and group settings. Not every student will be placed into a group setting and that's okay! There is so much to learn and work on regardless of the class setting.
The goal of the program is to provide a service that is not met in the average dojo. If a child’s personality is not recognized by the instructor this can create a barrier to learning opportunities and inclusion. The one on one session will circumvent this barrier as Ben can attend to each individuals needs accordingly. His ultimate goal is promote awareness and inclusion of all who could benefit from practicing a comprehensive martial art.
What will they learn?
Coordination, rolls, falls and escapes from grabs are the primary emphasis of the program. Strikes, breaks or other techniques associated with inflicting bodily harm are not taught until the student first proves they are capable of understanding when to use these techniques. You or your child will not be taught to punch unless they know when it’s appropriate to do so!  Individuals may also opt out of these or any other techniques as desired.
Danzan Ryu also has a healing side. It is considered one of the most complete healing arts in the world, including a comprehensive bodywork system. As appropriate, students will be introduced to some of these concepts.
Age range
There is no age range restriction. Anyone who feels they will benefit from these classes is welcome to come and experience the growth Danzan Ryu has to offer!
Please feel free to reach out! Email Ben directly at: [email protected]


Nextstep Program Class Schedule

Individual Sessions:

Monday - Wednesday:
3:15-4:15 pm, 4:20-5:20 pm, 5:25-6:25 pm
3:15-4:15 pm, 4:20-5:20 pm

Group Sessions:
Group A: Tuesday 6:30-7:00
Group B: Thursday 5:30-6:00

How Do I
Email Ben at: [email protected]
He will help you determine the most appropriate class for you or your child.

Initial Enrollment Fee:
Nextstep Enrollment:  $150 for the first month or $80 for the first week. Includes all enrollment fees and first month's dues. Cost of uniform not included.

Ongoing Dues:*
Nextstep Program:   $125/month or $45/week.  No contract required.

Make a one-time payment for monthly dues (Nextstep - $125):

Nextstep Monthly Dues


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Make a one-time payment for weekly dues (Nextstep - $45):

Nextstep Weekly Dues


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All dues include annual registration with the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation, which is required for all students.

* All fees subject to change without notice. Monthly and weekly dues are not pro-rated based on attendance. The full term's fees are due regardless of the number of classes attended. This includes the special offers listed above. Ongoing membership fees include registration with the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation, which is required for all students.